Lock Pokers Preferential Payout Processing

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by JOSH on JUNE 23, 2013

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2014 Update: This review of Lock Poker payouts in 2014 covers the cashout issues at the new Lock Poker 2.0.

Why would Lock Poker show preferential treatment towards certain affiliated players? A poker room in Lock Pokers position desperately needs new revenue. I reported recently on why you should avoid Lock Poker and about how the Revolution Network is failing to pay some of their skins.

Lock Pokers traffic has been cut in half in 2013 and players continue to leave the troubled room. Affiliates have also left Lock Poker, mostly. Cardschat is a pretty big affiliate excellent SEO skills btw, me = insanely jealous so they represent a lifeline in a way.

Need Your Money Quick? Talk To Dakota-xx At Cardschat

There is a woman at Cardschat who has been able to get Lock Poker to send the money within 7 days! Dakota-xx is a longtime member at Cardschat, with 38,800 posts. She apparently has the ability to send Lock Poker a weekly batch of screen names and they will process the payouts within a day or two. Amazing. Here are some screenshot quotes from Dakota-xx (Debi?):

lock poker cardschat payouts

Now, I commend Dakota-xx. ANYTHING that gets players paid faster is good in my book. Even Cardschat cannot be faulted to using their pull to help their forum members. My issue with this is that it is basically a huge penis-slap to the face for non-Cardschat members who have been waiting for a payout since December of 2012.

Why should a small group of players get preferential treatment over others? Lock Poker should pay from oldest to newest, without deviation. Why do they take special requests? To keep the money rolling in. I guarantee that if Cardschat dropped Lock Poker Dakota-xx would be waiting 6+ months for her own cashouts at Lock Poker.

Lock Poker has shown that they will do ANYTHING to keep new deposits rolling in. Im sure they cringe every time they send someone money but doing so continues their Ponzi scheme and generates new revenue from unsuspecting players.

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