What Is A Live Dealer Casino?

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The Betonline live dealer casino uses the latest live broadcast feed technology and a live dealer casino studio. The studio is essentially a miniature brick and mortar casino that is not open to the public. Live online casinos generally offer 4-5 table games. You can see and chat with the dealers. Many people prefer live dealer casinos because no computer programs are used to determine what cards are dealt. Betonline is able to offer Americans an authentic casino experience that includes all of the advantages of online play.

Live Blackjack Dealers At Betonline

betonline live blackjack girls

Blackjack is the most popular live dealer game at Betonline and all other live online casinos. The Betonline Casino usually has 4-6 live dealer Blackjack tables running.

Tables 1-4: Minimum wager: $10, maximum wager: $250

Table 5: Minimum wager: $25, maximum wager: $500

Table 6: Minimum wager: $200, maximum wager: $5,000

Each live Blackjack table at Betonline has 7 seats. The four tables with a $10 minimum table limit are the most popular but there is usually at least one empty table. If there are no players at a table the dealer simply sits there and waits so if you prefer a more private and intimate setting you can chose an empty table. The dealer will be very pleased to have something to do. Here are some more hot live Blackjack dealers at Bet Online.

hottest live casino dealers online

The Betonline.ag Casino also offers hundreds of normal casino games. They use the two leading casino platforms so there are twice as many table games, slot games and video poker games. Betonline will give you a 10% rebate on your casino losses and Casino Gambling News has several bonuses to choose from. You must use the links below to claim these bonuses.

Bonus Type





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25% bonus up to $900


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100% bonus up to $500


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Live Baccarat Dealers At Betonline

betonline live baccarat

Betonline has 2-4 live dealer Baccarat tables running 24/7. In my professional and manly opinion Hazel is the hottest live casino dealer online in 2013. She is sweet and very friendly. I dont even like playing Baccarat but I spent a lot of time playing it. That may sound pathetic but she really is one of the most beautiful women in the world and I consider her to be a good luck charm. Ive won several thousand dollars playing Baccarat at Bet Online.

Baccarat table 1 Minimum wager: $5, maximum wager: $100

Baccarat table 2 Minimum wager: $25, maximum wager: $500

Visit BetOnline and start playing live Baccarat with Hazel or Reyna for fun or real money!

Live Punto Banco Dealers At Betonline

live dealer punto banco betonline

There are many other live Punto Banco dealers at Betonline.ag but they usually only have 1-2 tables running at any given time. The lovely Isabel is my favorite live Punto Banco dealer at Betonline.

Minimum bet: $5, maximum bet: $100

Visit BetOnline and start playing live Punto Banco with Isabel for fun or real money!

Live Roulette Dealers At Betonline

live croupier roulette online

European Roulette doesnt have dealers but most people call it live dealer Roulette instead of live croupier Roulette. Nicole is one of several Roulette girls at Betonlines live dealer online casino in 2013.There are usually 2-4 live Roulette tables running at Bet Online. European Roulette is much better than American Roulette because there is only one zero. Instead of a house edge of 5.26% BetOnlines European Roulette has an edge of only 2.63%.

Roulette table 1 Minimum wager: $5, maximum wager: $100

Roulette table 2 Minimum wager: $25, maximum wager: $500

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